And this is the unofficial SAT study guide, Catalyst’s famous Naked Truth About The SAT. Written by tutors who have earned multiple perfect scores (2400) on the actual SAT, The Naked Truth About The SAT is the prep book the College Board doesn’t want you to have. It contains every shortcut you need to crack every question in The Official SAT Study Guide – and every question you’ll see on the actual SAT.

We, at Catalyst, don’t make up testimonials for our own products, but if we did, they would probably look like this:

"Funny, brash, and irreverent, The Naked Truth About The SAT takes boredom out of the prep process, redefining how students learn to succeed."
-Mike Hickenlooper, Guidance Counselor, Pleasantville High School

"If Conan O'Brien and John Stewart got together to write an SAT book, The Naked Truth About The SAT would be the result. Take it from me, an actual suburban parent, Catalyst's book will help raise your son or daughter's score a gazillion points!"
-Cindy Rosenzweig, Parent, Cul-de-sac Valley High School

The Naked Truth About The SAT is $100

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