Martin Tallman, Program Advisor

As someone who toiled as a server at Red Lobster throughout college, Marty knows the value of hard work (not to mention pecan-crusted shrimp and scallops), and he brings that dedication to Catalyst, where he serves far less sodium-rich options to families seeking college admissions advice.  One of three Michiganders on Catalyst’s team, Marty grew up in the small town of Southgate and earned his bachelor’s degree from Oakland University, where he majored in History and minored in Political Science.  (At Red Lobster, he often referenced the “consent of the governed” to pouty children whose parents wouldn’t spring for dessert.)  In addition to his liberal arts studies, Marty was a member of Phi Alpha Theta fraternity, which, before you start getting pictures of toga parties and beer kegs in your head, is an honors history fraternity that has historically accurate toga parties and beer kegs.  Between college and Catalyst, Marty managed a sales team that marketed light bulbs, but if you think it’d be funny to ask him “How many sales managers does it take to screw in a light bulb,” please note that Marty played varsity football in high school.

Why He Works for Catalyst

According to Marty, “I joined Catalyst because I’ve always had an interest in education, because Catalyst’s culture seemed really cool from the website, and because Catalyst’s CEO mentioned the office has ‘lumbar-supporting chairs’ during my interview.”

How the Universe Has Punished Him for Being a Freakishly Good Test-Taker

Prior to joining Catalyst, Marty lived with his parents for six months to save funds.  Pros of this arrangement included free meals, significantly reduced laundry expenses, exposure to previously unknown TV shows like Antiques Roadshow and 60 Minutes, and lots and lots of goodnight kisses.  Cons of this arrangement include dating.

Favorite 80s Movie / Favorite 80s Nobel Laureate

The Breakfast Club / Lech Walesa (Nobel Peace Prize, 1983)