Dr. Spielvogel, Staff Psychiatrist

Wellbutrin-dispenser to parents whose students have been denied admission to Stanford, Dr. Spielvogel has been Catalyst's staff psychopharmacologist since 2006, when an incident involving an upset parent and a disappointing SAT score ("a mere 2380") led us to post an ad on Craig's List for an in-house therapist. (We'd go into greater detail, but the court case is still pending.) Herr Doktor Spielvogel is responsible for keeping an even mood in our office, employing hypnotherapy and light orchestral music on days when SAT & ACT scores come back, and repeating the reassuring mantra "your Critical Reading score will not determine whether you drive a BMW in your forties" to students concerned about their verbal aptitude. When he is not busy applying Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to fifty-something moms and dads suffering from acute Parent-Of-A-Teenager Syndrome, Dr. Spielvogel enjoys debating the merits of electro-convulsive therapy, using the phrase "that's rather Jungian" at cocktail parties, and gardening.

Why He Works for Catalyst

Let's face it: the lunacy enveloping the SAT / ACT prep and college admissions industry provides some pretty excellent fodder for case studies. (See Dr. Spielvogel's groundbreaking article "Clinical Depression In Parent of Student Wait-Listed By Brown" in The American Journal of Psychiatry, April, 2010.)

How the Universe Has Punished Him for Being a Freakishly Good Test-Taker

Mrs. Dr. Spielvogel.

Favorite 80s Movie / Favorite Nobel Laureate

Werner Herzog's Herdsmen of the Sun or The Princess Bride (tie) / Can I nominate myself?