We’re not naming any names, but we have a sneaking suspicion some other companies may be writing their own testimonials…

"Ivy League Prep has, like, the most effective tutors ever!!"
- Charlotte G., student

“The $3,500 we paid for SAT prep is a mere pittance considering our son got into Columbia and is well on his way toward a lucrative cardiology practice that will support us in our retirement!”
- Michael R., parent

At Catalyst, we don't write testimonials for our clients. After all, parents don't speak like this...

"My son loved your course! He couldn't have been happier spending the last four months studying for the SAT!"
- Nancy B., parent

They speak like this...

"My daughter was dragged to your SAT Bootcamp KICKING AND SCREAMING. At the end of the first day she came home happy and even shared some funny stories regarding your essay strategy with her little sister. At the end of the second day, she begrudgingly told me that it was a good course and she had a good time. Kudos to whoever the teacher was. She said he was informative and that he could tell just by looking at her when she was confused – and he stopped and explained! Thank you!"
- Winfield Shiras, Parent, San Marcos High School

Like this...

"Wanted to pass along that Camille got a 27 on her ACT! She was hoping for a 26, so she was thrilled!"
- Stacy Stephens, Parent, La Reina High School

And occasionally like this...

"My son felt the Bootcamp was beneficial. He feels it will definitely help him on the actual test."
- Maritza Talamante, Parent, Claremont High School

(Well, they can't all be exuberant.)

The testimonials below aren't kind of real. They're 100% authentic, which is why you'll see people's first and last names. Sure, we may have cleaned up a little grammar, perhaps touched up a few iPhone-induced typos here and there, but the feedback is all real and all yours. And here it is!

Kids are so distracted and over-stimulated by everything, so any time you can incorporate pop media and culture into lesson plans it gets them more engaged.
- Kelly Ripa, Live with Kelly and Michael

We were referred to Catalyst by one of our son's friends and football teammates. Nick found his tutor engaging, down-to-earth, even funny... not easy when the subject is the SAT! Your program was superb.
- Joe and Jennifer Montana, Parents, Oaks Christian School

My daughter really enjoyed your SAT Bootcamp. It gave her a lot of insight into how to take the test. This was her one and only prep course and we are very happy with her score!
- Amy Byrnes, Parent, Bernards High School

From the minute I looked at your website, I could see that you would be taking a different path in your SAT tutoring / bootcamping. I appreciate how the materials you use and the approach you take relates to teenagers in a way that's innovative and funny.
- Dave Torrey, Parent, Gunn High School

To the Catalyst folks,

Just wanted to inform you guys that I was a student at one of your bootcamps back in September, and today I actually received a 2400 on the SAT :)!

Your tutoring and the book played no small part in helping me accomplish this. The book is easy to read and the essay section is exceptional. I actually used the introduction template, with a few modifications, for the real timed essay. I also used one of the essay examples provided in your book (J-A Interment) to fit the question. It wasn't a magic bullet, and I had to practice writing essays for quite a while, but the book did help a lot with confidence. Oh, and I received a 12 for the essay and an 80 MC raw.

Thanks again, and just know that your service helps a lot.
- Kenny Song, Student, Bergen Academy

My son was not happy when he found out I had signed him up for an SAT Bootcamp. He didn't think he needed any help. At the end of the weekend I asked if he thought it was helpful and he said yes. Very high praise from a kid of few words. A small victory. He actually had fun.
- Rachel Chapman, Parent, La Costa Canyon High School

With absolutely no prompting from us, our son Max said the SAT Bootcamp was very informative and fun (a rare compliment on anything having to do with school!). My husband and I are very happy that the two day Bootcamp cost did not break the piggy bank. We felt we definitely got more than what we paid for. Thank you for doing a great job!
- Michael Russer, Parent, Bishop Garcia Diego High School

My daughter attended an SAT bootcamp and really enjoyed it. The unique approach to SAT prep really caught her attention.
- George Wilson, Parent, South County High School

Mark got more out of your SAT Bootcamp than he did out of the entire six week course offered through the school!
- Wanda Opdyke, Parent, North Hunterdon High School

My daughter took the SAT in January of 2012 and had an average score. Two months later she was scheduled for her SAT so I signed her up for your bootcamp the weekend before her test. She raised her score 400 points (to over 2000) and attributed it all to your bootcamp which taught her how to identify the traps, short-cuts to math problems, and pointers for the essay. We highly recommend your bootcamp. Thank you!!!
- Bonnie Brown-Cipolla, Parent, El Camino Real High School

I wanted to update you on Amanda's latest (and clearly last!) SAT score. She got a 2310!! Thanks for all your help and wonderful program!
- Randi Popish, Parent, El Camino Real High School

I actually thought it was pretty helpful. My son had already worked with a separate private tutor from Stanford and this was much better. The book made the exercises pretty interesting and overall I thought it was really good. The instructor was nice, too -- and funny!
- Janet Liu, Parent, Palo Alto High School

The Bootcamp went fantastically. At first she wasn't too happy to go, but after attending, she was excited about everything she learned. I peeked into her bedroom last night and saw her studying the book she was given.
- Louise Lindo, Parent, Marlborough School

My daughter enjoyed the bootcamp and found your course so helpful that she actually brought your book home and shared many of the strategies with me. We both found Catalyst's book funny and insightful - unexpected for an SAT prep book!
- Margie Layman, Parent, Masuk High School

My daughter did enjoy the SAT Bootcamp—and that's a lot coming from her! It takes a lot to admit she enjoyed something like that.
- Michael Rumer, Parent, Haddon Township High School

My daughter Katherine attended the Bootcamp last weekend at VPHS. She is a sophomore and didn't really understand why I signed her up! However, it was a great opportunity. On both days she was very positive about "the bootcamp" and felt that her time was well spent. You have my thanks!
- Sally Faber, Parent, Villa Park High School

She loved it! She learned a lot.
- Kristin Kuppe, Parent, Palo Alto High School

Whoever wrote your SAT book is very, very smart!
- Catherine Heaslip, Parent, Ridge High School

Eric had scored a 24 on his previous ACT. When we signed him up for tutoring we were hoping for a 1 - 3 point increase. We thought a 3 or 4 point increase would have been amazing. Eric ended up scoring a 31... a 7 POINT INCREASE! We couldn't be more excited and Eric's tutor was outstanding!
- Cheryl Moerson, Parent, Oaks Christian School

It was actually entertaining! Most standardized prep classes are so dull. The kids aren't interested and they're so overwhelmed, but it appears you've made a real effort to show the kids that it's all doable—that there's a pattern regarding how the questions are structured. The strategies prove that you can do really well on the SAT—that it isn't a matter of luck. She had a great experience. She was excited, so I'm excited!
- Brenda Ross-Dulan, Parent, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

I have a home office and listened to the lessons while working. I was extremely impressed by Kyle's tutor and then all over again by Sean's. It was obvious they were both highly trained in teaching how to take the SAT. Both Kyle and Sean scored very well the first time they took the SAT and it was clear to me that Catalyst was the reason. I would highly recommend Catalyst -- and have!
- Corrine Draper, Parent, Calabasas High School

My daughter thought it was helpful and fun, and very current. I'm glad to hear it was something she enjoyed.
- Michael Davies, Parent, Bergen Academy

Hunter really enjoyed the instructor. He was able to make the SAT fun. He had a great sense of humor, and Hunter said giving up his weekend was actually worth it.
- Gail Davis, Parent, El Segundo High School

The bootcamp is brilliant because although it's pretty intensive in how much work we covered in two days, the teacher made it really fun! The tips and tricks we learned were easy to remember, and I had no trouble being able to apply them on the actual test. I'm really happy with my new score, which improved a lot from the first time I took the SAT.
- Madeleine Bairey, Student, Stevenson School

I attended the two days you taught in Demarest, NJ, after months of living with SAT scores that didn't quite match up with my academic career. I was aiming for a slight boost on my second try, but I expected most of it would have to come from luck and hoped Catalyst might change that. I studied the book we were given that weekend nonstop for the two days before the test and went up 400 points on my second try! I'm sure you guys purposely aim to make the book a successful assistance in studying anyway, but I wanted to thank you and the rest of Catalyst for making a humorous and helpful book that has yielded a change impossibly greater than I could have imagined.
- Vince Barila, Student, Demarest Valley Regional High School

The SAT Bootcamp helped a lot. I learned a lot of new strategies for the Essay section and also really liked the Vocabulary book we were given — it made learning all those long SAT words almost fun.
- Timothy Hui, Student, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North

Catalyst recognizes the fundamental principle that each student is unique, providing a program that tailors SAT prep to your strengths and weaknesses. Catalyst did this for my son, and they will do it for you.
- Ron Lipari, Principal, Westlake High School

Just wanted to drop you a quick note with respect to the October Bootcamp. My daughter Rachael found the session to be extremely relevant and helpful. I plan to sign up my younger daughter for next year's session at North!
- Laura and John Schneider, Parents, North Hunterdon High School

I think my daughter has a better grasp of how important the SAT is - and your book is fabulous. The class did a good job of capturing her interest. She enjoyed every minute.
- Julie Gage, Parent, Oak Park High School

My son's Catalyst tutor lifted the layer of confusion that initially surrounds the SAT, allowing him to approach questions with confidence and full use of his academic skills. As important, the tutor was able to manage and motivate a sixteen-year-old so that he could recognize the importance of sticking with the task, despite far more alluring activities.
- Debra Sarokin, Parent, Beverly Hills High School

Thank you for helping my daughter, Nicole. She scored almost 2300 on the SAT, including a perfect 800 in Critical Reading. Nicole was very happy with her score and felt the private tutoring and weekend SAT Bootcamp were a great combination. Nicole really liked her tutor. She was friendly, engaging, and very helpful.
- Mei-Ling Peterson, Parent, Newbury Park High School

I really liked the class. The teacher was really cool... very informative, but he didn't run on and give you too much that wasn't important. The jokes were pretty funny, too.
- Jake Snowden, Student, Carmel High School

Catalyst sent us a tutor for the SAT & ACT and raised our son's scores tremendously, helping him get into Northwestern. Thank you very much. We're all grateful for your help.
- Pat Pohlen, Parent, Villa Park High School

I'm very pleased with the results of using Catalyst to prepare my twin daughters for the SAT. They personalized the program for the girls and were very attentive to their needs throughout the tutoring process.
- Deborah Kaminsky, Parent, The Archer School For Girls

Cory and Jason both improved from your SAT Bootcamp. I just wish I had known about you sooner. Cory raised his score by 70 points, Jason by 140 points -- AMAZING in just two days! They were both elated. The teacher was terrific, and made a huge impact on their scores. I would most certainly recommend your weekend Bootcamp to any student who wants to further their education before taking the SAT. Thank you!
- Jackie Baker, Parent, Agoura High School

Alanna enjoyed the SAT Bootcamp and thought it was well worth her time. She said the class covered a lot of material, and there were a lot of good tips that she was able to implement on the test.
- Bret Watson, Parent, Gunn High School

We had a great experience with Catalyst. The tutor knew his material well and had an exceptional rapport with our daughter. We also very much liked dealing with the company. They are professional, knowledgeable, and provide helpful advice. We have no hesitation in recommending Catalyst to others.
- David L. Packer, Parent, Palisades Charter High School

We used Catalyst for our older daughter who is now at UCLA and had them back two years later for her brother, Matt. I was very impressed with the high caliber of tutors and appreciated how flexible they were with my children's busy schedules. Our son did very well the first time he took the SAT but wanted to raise his reading comprehension score. With a few sessions, Matt raised his Critical Reading score by 80 points.
- Jan White, Parent, Chaminade College Prep

I thought the Bootcamp was great. It was really entertaining and actually fun! Both instructors were great, and I felt really confident going into the exam. I think I did a lot better than last time.
- Rebecca Brandel, Student, Monte Vista High School

Matt and Anna both benefited from the instructor. The teacher was a Stanford grad - she was excellent. Your book is very helpful, too. I'm actually going to use some of the vocabuary words in my classroom. The tie-ins to movies, TV, and pop culture are really engaging. Its takes a lot of the drudgery out of SAT prep. Thanks again for providing a terrific class and a lovely, caring instructor.
- Lisa Morgan, Parent, Costa Mesa High School

Alexa thought The Naked Truth About the SAT was really interesting, and she couldn't believe how fast the four hours went by! She had a lot of fun, her score went up ninety points, and she ended up earning her target! I will definitely recommend this program to my friends.
- Jean Wang, Parent, Homestead High School

I took the SAT prep class about a month ago and I just wanted to say that it was very helpful. Your book was helpful and the humor made it interesting, not boring. Also, it taught me a lot about the tricks that will be on the SAT. Overall, I thought the course was very good. Thank you!
- Paulina Baumann, Student, Haddon Township High School

Christina and her friends really liked the instructor - they thought he was interesting and easy to understand. I think they all got a lot out of it, and finally understood why preparing is important.
- Gwen Tanguay-Bauer, Parent, Archer School

I really liked the SAT Bootcamp. The book was really interesting, and the instructor explained things well. I was able to use the strategies I learned on the test.
- Megan Tang, Student, Clayton Valley High School

He enjoyed it very much. He said he learned a lot of tricks, and learned how to increase his speed by getting rid of wrong answers.
- Paul Grimm, Parent, Gunn High School

My family and I are thoroughly pleased with the services provided by Catalyst. My daughter had set her hopes on acceptance at UCLA or Berkeley, and we realized she needed a gain of over 250 points in her SAT score to make that a possibility. We posed that requirement to Catalyst and they accepted the challenge. We followed Catalyst's program to the letter. During that time, I found the true value of Catalyst's services - one of personal commitment and full service to their clients. Catalyst was there each and every time for us on a personal level, without fail. In the end, my daughter raised her score over 300 points and was accepted by every school she applied to. She is now living her dream at UCLA and I am completely convinced her SAT score increase was critical to her achieving that goal. One of the very few times I've walked away feeling I've received more than my money's worth!
- Terry Menia, Parent, Oak Park High School

Our son improved his score and got a 2180. He's now at Northwestern!
- Milena Murdoch, Parent, Concord High School

Catalyst not only helped me learn how to succeed on the SAT but also gave me enough confidence to do it. My first score I earned an 1890 and my second time I broke 2000. Because of my success, I had more options for college and got into the universities I had wanted. Thanks a lot!
- Will Pleskow, Student, Loyola High School

Our teacher made the Bootcamp fun. He helped me focus on specific strategies I needed to learn for each section of the test, and especially how to identify ways to solve problems. Everything was organized and easy to remember. I got a lot out of the two days and feel a lot more confident going into the test.
- Ivy Hunt, Student, Carmel High School

Hello, Catalyst! I just wanted to share the good news. Erin got a 31 on her ACT!! We are so happy and we thank all of you for helping her shine! Many thanks.
- Barbara Mark, Parent, Westlake High School

Both Adam and Maggie (our friend - thanks for getting her in at the last minute!) raved about the bootcamp. It was a unique approach, and I think was of great benefit. I wish it had been available to my older one, who went through Kaplan. Dynamic instructor, captivating material, and not six weeks of reading.
- Ron Espiritu, Parent, La Costa Canyon High School

I would recommend your program to my friends! He scored a 224 on the PSAT after the Bootcamp and was very happy with the class.
- Julia Spunt, Parent, Santa Margarita Catholic High School

My daughter Brianna had used another tutoring company with very little result. With Catalyst, her score went up over 200 points. She was so proud of her accomplishment. Her tutor was terrific, personalizing the prep to her needs. He was responsible, professional, and great at teaching all of the concepts. Thanks for all your help!
- Wendi Anton, Parent, Culver City High School

Catalyst taught me everything I needed to know about the SAT subject test in math, helping me earn a perfect 800.
- Adriana Hu, Student, Westridge School

My older daughter used Catalyst and improved her score by more than 200 points - and she made it into her dream school, Duke! Now our younger daughter is using Catalyst. Her tutor is great.
- Karen McCleod, Parent, Newbury Park High School

He came home and said he learned more in two days of your Bootcamp than he had in six months of school! Geometry and algebra were suddenly clear to him.
- Renee Kay, Parent, La Costa Canyon High School

We used Catalyst for both our children. Our daughter really liked her tutor, who engaged her and made it interesting - and you know how dry the SAT can be. Kelly got her target score for her first choice college. We absolutely recommend Catalyst to other parents. We liked the flexibility and convenience Catalyst offered - especially since we're in Malibu - and the lack of sales pressure.
- Inez McGee, Parent, Westlake High School

Eric increased his score by 210 points! Between all of the support from his Catalyst tutor and the weekend SAT Bootcamp, he felt totally confident going into the test. Thanks for all of your tutoring. We would definitely recommend your firm.
- Jeri Albers, Parent, Oak Park High School

The first time my daughter took the SAT she studied on her own and got an above average score. She wanted a higher score and we had heard about your service from a friend who had good results. The tutor was GREAT. He taught Jenna the strategies on how to take the test which made all the difference. She increased her score by 280 points. As a result, Jenna will be attending Yale come this fall. Our family is thrilled. Thank you.
- Tami Ritz, Parent, Thousand Oaks High School

Catalyst keeps me updated on Evan's progress as he prepares for the SAT, and we feel the company is sincerely dedicated to its students. We are genuinely impressed by the curriculum, knowing that Catalyst's directors take the actual SAT every time the test is offered.
- Peggy Biscow, Parent, Palisades Charter High School

When it came time for SAT prep, our daughter Megan was in the middle of an extremely challenging schedule - traveling with her soccer team, taking several AP classes and running track -- so we needed a test prep service that would work within her time constraints. A friend of Megan's had tutored with Catalyst and was very satisfied, so we decided to go with them as well. Her tutor was very reliable and knowledgeable, and adapted the tutoring sessions to her strengths and weaknesses. Megan knew her math speed would be her challenge. Catalyst made her feel well-prepared and confident going into the test, so that she felt comfortable with what to expect in all sections. Megan ended up performing well in all areas, beating her target score of 2200. We absolutely intend to use Catalyst in the future for our younger daughter!
- Kelly Degennaro, Parent, La Reina High School

2270 after two months of tutoring!
- Abbie Sassoon, Student, Thousand Oaks High School

I just want to thank you, everyone else at Catalyst, and my tutor. I got a 2070 on the SAT. The last time I took it I got a 1680. That's 390 points up! You guys gave me the materials I needed to study and helped me develop the work ethic to increase my score by a significant amount. Definitely the best tutoring I've ever had. I couldn't have done it without your Catalyst program.
- Dan Stroud, Student, Westlake High School

After another company did not work out, Catalyst was recommended to me by a friend. Without exception, each Catalyst tutor was smart, well-educated and trained, highly dependable, and very serious about teaching SAT test-taking skills. In addition, each one got along well with my son - he thought they were terrific! I have already recommended friends to Catalyst, and could not recommend it more highly.
- Charlotte Fletcher, Parent, Viewpoint School

Hayley was very pleased with the SAT Bootcamp and felt that she was quite prepared for the January SAT. She told me that she found the essay lesson especially helpful, and also wanted me to tell you that she used Stephen Hawking as an example in her essay. Hayley told me that your style of teaching was very interactive and your methods and strategies were instructive and beneficial.
- Marcia Sherman, Parent, Westlake High School

More than 400 points up!
- Eric Loucks, Student, Burbank High School

Anna loved the Bootcamp. She came home excited about the teaching - and the bagels! She had not done very well on the essay when she first took the test, and after the Bootcamp earned a 10. We really enjoyed going over the take-home materials - they were funny and helpful. No one should go into the SAT without doing the Bootcamp first!
- Susan Halligan, Parent, Westlake High School

I thought the Calabasas High School Bootcamp was excellent. Very helpful!
- Lauren Balian, Student, Louisville High School

I especially liked your approach to SAT grammar. You helped me understand those sections a lot better.
- Anthony Pisano, Student, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

My daughter had nothing but positive things to say about the Bootcamp. She felt it was helpful and fun which was surprising to both of us. She particularly loved how some of the strategies were taught in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way. I think that sort of stuff really kept her engaged. She took the actual SAT this weekend and felt pretty good about it. I think your class gave her some confidence, which always helps. She said that in particular, she really used what she was taught on the essay portion of the test.
- Maria Al-Shamma, Parent, La Costa Canyon High School

My son Andrew really connected with his Catalyst tutor. Personalities are very important. Andrew scored a 34 on the ACT - the highest score in his school - and a 2160 on the SAT. I've referred as many people as I possibly could to Catalyst.
- Denise Heller, Parent, Westlake High School

My son loved the class. He came home the first day and was telling me all about it. The way the teacher applied humor really helped him stay connected with the lessons. He takes the SAT this weekend so I'm very happy he enjoyed the class.
- Debbi Kessler, Parent, Royal High School

My daughter enjoyed the Bootcamp. She really liked the book because it was funny and really hit home with her.
- Debra Wasserman, Parent, San Dieguito Academy

The Bootcamp really helped her with time-management. She learned how to break problems down and not be afraid of the test. The sample questions helped her know what to expect. She felt comfortable and confident going into the SAT.
- Kim Tucker, Parent, Foothill High School

I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone at Catalyst. Their determination to conquer the SAT is inspiring. Because of time restrictions, we requested a personal tutor. Catalyst made sure that they picked the right tutor for Mike and that they worked well together. It was certainly the key to Mike's interest in the work, and his success on the SAT.
- Candace Fritschner, Parent, Chaminade College Prep

The SAT Bootcamp helped me a lot. The tricks for tackling the SAT and the instructor were both great, and I was much more confident about taking the SAT.
- Zoe Manoguerra, Student, Clayton Valley High School

Upon picking up my daughter each day, I was glad to hear that she thought she really learned something during the SAT Bootcamp. She learned a lot of good strategies and felt confident that she improved on the test.
- Sharon Howell, Parent, Westmoor High School

Thank you Catalyst for contributing to the significant improvement in Samuel's SAT score. He approached it with more confidence and it made a difference. I was pleased with the attention to his specific needs made by the staff of professionals at your company. I got both phone & e-mail updates on his progress and felt a genuine concern for his success.
- Yvonne Saltzman, Parent, Calabasas High School

I know that parents are faced with what seems like a million choices for SAT prep because I was one of those parents a year ago. How do you know whom to choose when everyone claims to be the best? For our daughter, we went by word-of-mouth and the experiences of people we trust. The advice all pointed in the same direction: Catalyst.
- Debbie Mejia, Parent, La Reina High School

Christine got a 2080 on the November 1st SAT. I'm very pleased. Thank you, Catalyst!
- Ann Olson, Parent, Notre Dame High School

Sara has many skills but standardized testing is not one of them. We were shocked and pleased at her SAT score, which was 550 points more than her PSAT score! She took it seriously and worked hard, and her tutor was serious but kind. It was a pleasant experience during a difficult time.
- Ilece Buckley Weber, Parent, Agoura High School

Jessie went up 300 points on the SAT and got the score she needed for her top choice. She had worked with another prep company before and there was no comparison. The Bootcamp was great and we'll use Catalyst for our younger daughter Samantha.
- Catherine Capaldi, Parent, Simi Valley High School

Garrett found your SAT Bootcamp very helpful and worth the time. He enjoyed the instructors and felt they were very strong. Thanks for scheduling the event for our school on such short notice. We loved the fundraising opportunity.
- Diane Combes, Parent Faculty Club, Calabasas High School

Our daughter had an SAT score in mind which she wanted to reach in order to be considered for the school of her choice, UC Berkeley. We started out with a different company at first, but she felt she wasn't getting the proper guidance and instruction she needed in order to conquer her goal. Catalyst did a thorough analysis of her strengths and weaknesses and made sure they united her with an instructor that could help her succeed. Thanks to Catalyst our daughter not only achieved her goal, but surpassed it and is now in her second semester at Berkeley.
- Lisa Medford, Parent, Oak Park High School

Good feedback from Jenna. She found the program very worthwhile. She thought the instructor was very good and helped a lot. The examples were relatable and the information was easy to understand. You managed to cram a lot of vital info into a short period of time. I found it easy to say "yes" to this program because the cost was reasonable. Lastly, she brought your SAT grammar guide ot the dinner table and read us your tips. Great family entertainment!
- Mary Ellen Sherry, Parent, Malibu High School

All three of our oldest children have used Catalyst to prepare for the SAT. The instructors have been outstanding. They focused our children in the areas they most needed to improve and kept them on track so they peaked right before the exam.
- Mark Borowski, Parent, Westlake High School & Oaks Christian School

Thank you! Matthew had a terrific result with your ACT prep and a great rapport with his tutor. We will absolutely call you the next time around.
- Sherri Cirac, Parent, Calabasas High School

Catalyst has unparalleled dedication to students and parents. I not only spoke regularly with my son's tutor - I also spoke regularly with Catalyst's directors, who knew me by name and were always up on my son Cameron's progress. We used Catalyst for the SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests and recommend the company to anyone looking for the finest prep available.
- Mark Fishman, Parent, Notre Dame High School

We were very happy with Catalyst! We loved the tutor our son worked with: they had a great rapport, and we appreciated the convenient scheduling. Alex scored a 33 on the ACT and we were thrilled. Our twins will be using Catalyst when the time comes.
- Lisa Yee, Parent, Mark Keppel High School

Thank sooo much for the great SAT prep weekend. Colin had a really great time. He was excited after both days, recounting almost every word. He learned so much. We will be recommending you to everyone!
- Helen Gaskin, Parent, Palisades Charter High School

The SAT can be really tricky, with a lot of challenging math and reading questions. The Bootcamp gave me really good strategies.
- Rohan Rath, Student, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

Three of my sons got scores of 2000 or more! Catalyst helped them tremendously. The program's structure was perfect for learning the material and then reviewing it regularly. I will use Catalyst for all 8 of my kids!
- Annie Capri, Parent, Westlake High School

I think Catalyst has an inspired approach to test preparation. The personal, targeted, and yet systematic approach worked well for both my kids. Michael's tutor prepared him well enough so that he only had to take the SAT once. He received several scholarship offers and now is a sophomore at Occidental College. Obviously satisfied, we called Catalyst to tutor his younger sister, Eliza. My focus for both kids was not to get the "perfect" score but to give them the opportunity to improve in their roughest areas and to capitalize on their best. Eliza and her tutor worked well together and the preparation paid off. Eliza took the SAT and ACT once and was very happy with her scores. She's still in the midst of the application process, but I'm sure that Catalyst has widened her opportunities and we'll let you know more in April. We can refer Catalyst easily - the tutors are top-notch, bright, and test savvy.
- Mauren Fisher, Parent, Viewpoint School

2290 after ten lessons! Thank you!
- Mikayla Mejia, Student, La Reina High School

I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker and have two children. I tried four different SAT and ACT companies before trying Catalyst and found that neither of my children's scores dramatically improved. A college counselor recommended Catalyst, and the guidance, skill of the tutors, and personal attention made a tremendous difference in my son's test-taking skills and scores. They recommended he take the ACT and this decision made a world of difference in his scores and attitude toward standardized testing. In addition, he increased his self-confidence - which has continued to help him in college.
- Hillary Greene-Pae, Parent, Viewpoint School

Both my children benefited immensely from the tutoring sessions. Catalyst took different approaches with each of them, knowing their needs were different. Cory raised his score more than 200 points in Critical Reading and is now at UCLA. Sarah needed to focus on the math and gained confidence from the instruction, particularly with her test-taking strategy. We heard about Catalyst from our neighbors and now recommend them to other families.
- Sally Primm, Parent, Westlake High School

Catalyst's Directors were on the exact same page as us regarding the commitment required to do well on the SAT. They understood that we expected to see a result from our investment and did everything possible to make sure our tuition was well-spent. Our son's score went up tremendously, giving him far greater options for college. I'm very proud of him and believe his improvement will inspire him to see the benefits that come from hard work and achievement.
- Khiven Sethi, Parent, Chaminade College Prep

I improved my score 150 points! I think the program really works. The essay prep was really helpful - I knew exactly what to do on the test. It also helped me a lot on the math; there were problems I couldn't have done without their techniques. The vocabulary list was also accurate and helped on the sentence completion questions.
- Garret Drogosch, Student, Westlake High School

Thank you for your involvement with Bobby. Based on the recommendation of friends, we felt you would be able to polish our son's abilities and give us confidence that his scores would be maximized. We are all very pleased with his resulting scores. Thank you for helping Bobby maximize his SAT score and college choice options, opening doors that will shape the rest of his life.
- Robert Nordlund, Parent, Oaks Christian School

Catalyst prepped Andrew for the SAT and helped us perfect his college applications and essays. I recommend Catalyst to all students and parents preparing for the long college admissions process. They will make your life much, much easier!
- Myra Harbour, Parent, Valenica High School

Jillian, our older daughter, had a tough sports schedule and Catalyst was wonderfully flexible. Her tutor planned the lessons to target her needs, as did our younger daughter's tutor. Gretchen connected really well with her tutor and surpassed her goal for the SAT. I definitely plan to use Catalyst for my youngest daughter, Jane. I highly recommend Catalyst!
- Jennifer Waldron, Parent, Oak Park High School

Thank you SOOO much for your SAT Bootcamp. Diana said it was very helpful. I also read the material and think it's genius! I especially like the grammar section. Thank you again.
- Elina Mindlin, Parent, El Camino Real High School

I'm very pleased with your program and happy to refer you to other parents. Thank you for helping my daughter improve her SAT score over 200 points and making the process as smooth as possible. You were quick to return my calls and always gave us great, insightful advice.
- Affie Conolly, Parent, Chaminade College Prep

Our Catalyst tutor was a true gentleman. He was always punctual and had both our children's best interests at heart.
- Philip and Inge Boskovich, Parents, Oaks Christian School

Our experience at Catalyst has been completely positive. My son started out with a 1550 SAT score and, with intensive tutoring by a Catalyst instructor, was able to raise his score to 2000 - an increase of 450 points! It was extremely reassuring to know that the Catalyst staff takes the SAT themselves. Catalyst was extremely responsive to my thoughts and concerns, and generous in sharing information and time.
- Laurie Boykoff, Parent, Agoura High School

Ethan and I were thrilled when we received his SAT score and discovered he had gone up 150 points! His Critical Reading and Writing skills definitely benefited. Ethan also gained a better understanding of how to take the test, and went into it much more confidently than before. Thanks for helping my son get the score he needs to get into the college of his choice.
- Nancy Rae Stone, Parent, Santa Monica High School

Thank you very much. Austin told me he learned quite a lot. I so much appreciate hearing him say that because he'll be able to apply the strategies he learned to get a much stronger SAT score. He told me that the time spent was worthwhile and I would like to express my gratitude to you and the program that you've put together. Thank you from a mother - and a college counselor!
- Nilou Pourmoussa, College Counselor, Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School

My daughter thought the program was very good and informative. She was really happy that she attended the class.
- Gabriel Todmia, Parent, California Academy of Mathematics and Science

Learning about the SAT Essay at the Bootcamp was great. There were a lot of techniques that were new to me and really helpful for the Writing and Critical Reading sections of the test.
- Joyce Wang, Student, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North

Our son's tutor was extremely dedicated and conscientious. He sincerely wanted to help our son improve his ACT scores. Through both of their efforts this was achieved. Catalyst is a professionally run test prep company. I will continue to recommend Catalyst to friends.
- Tracey Hughes, Parent, Oaks Christian School

My son really found the program helpful. He especially liked the formulaic approach to the essay, and the breakdown of some of the math as well. He feels quite confident to take the test. We will use you again when it's time for Taylor's younger brother to take it. Many thanks.
- Judy Bennington, Parent, Viewpoint School

My son liked the program and thought that it was very informative and will be helpful next week for the SAT. Thank you.
- Linda Bick, Parent, Calabasas High School

Chase did very well on his SAT with the help from Catalyst's great tutors. Since my son waited until one month before the test to really start studying, Catalyst helped him focus on what he really needed to review for the test. He attended Catalyst's SAT Bootcamp and thought that was very helpful. Chase's tutors were very professional and we know they made a great difference in his test scores. I highly recommend Catalyst and have referred friends.
- Paulette Lambert, Parent, Viewpoint School

We were thoroughly pleased with the professional approach with the tutoring. Everything was organized and the tutors were on time and very considerate. What could have been an extremely intimidating and frustrating time was structured and relaxed for our daughters. They felt comfortable asking for additional clarification in areas that were challenging. Catalyst's directors took a personal interest in our daughters' progress and success. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company.
- Ellen Rebhun, Parent, Calabasas High School

Geometry, essay-writing, reading comprehension... Catalyst has a great strategy for every single problem you'll encounter.
- Michelle Loria, Student, Paraclete High School

I want to thank you very much for your understanding, concern, and guidance. My daughter, Alia, is convinced she could have scored 200+ points better the first time around had she originally signed up with Catalyst. I wish we had found you before the first SAT. We will definitely call you again when our younger daughter is in high school.
- Manny Singh, Parent, Calabasas High School

Our son got into the school of his choice -- the Wharton business program at the University of Pennsylvania -- thanks in large part to the tutoring he received from Catalyst. We have referred your company to so many families. I'll be calling you this summer for my younger son!
- Judy Crown, Parent, Thousand Oaks High School

I was very pleased with the Catalyst program. I liked the convenience, and the customer service was great. JJ liked his tutor -- she was smart, professional and efficient -- and he felt more confident going into the SAT. We just recommended Catalyst to another family.
- Lisa Kovall, Parent, Oaks Christian School

I went to a Catalyst SAT workshop and was blown away by the class. The teacher showed actual essays that have received perfect scores and explained how the students can follow certain guidelines to achieve great scores themselves. I chose Catalyst for my son and advocate all parents do the same.
- Lynn Benowitz, PTSA President, Grant High School

We highly recommend Catalyst's SAT prep program. Zachary's SAT performances were a direct result of the motivation and confidence he gained from his work with his Catalyst tutor.
- Beth Rayman, Parent, Viewpoint School

When it came time to hire an SAT prep service for our daughter, Rosie, we knew what to avoid. We had used another company for our older daughter and been disappointed with its poor service and phony guarantee. For Rosie, we decided to listen to the word of mouth of her friends at school. Rosie had heard great things about Catalyst, so we gave them a try. We were thrilled with the result. The difference between Catalyst and the company we had used before is night and day. Catalyst was responsible, encouraging, and raised Rosie's score from an 1880 to a 2190.
- Joanna Spinks, Parent, La Reina High School

I just wanted to tell you how great the SAT Bootcamp was for my daughter. She came home from the morning session the first day relaxed and confident. When I asked her if she liked it, she thought for a second and I immediately thought, Uh oh. Then she looked at me and said, It was fun, I liked it and learned a lot. You could have knocked me over with a feather. The second day it was easy to rouse her from sleep to get her to join you. I don't know what you did - but she really liked it. I will tell you that she related to me that she felt she received personal attention, and that every kid felt the same way. She said you learned a little something about everybody and made them feel welcome. She said it was also very easy to ask and answer questions without intimidation. I would definitely send her again if the need arises. And I have happily passed on your info to my friends with children about to take the SAT or going to take it next year.
- Candi Milo, Parent, Calabasas High School

Catalyst's private tutoring and SAT Bootcamp were a great one-two combination. The private tutoring focused on the areas Danny needed the most help, and the Bootcamp covered the entire SAT, building his momentum and confidence going into the test. Danny and I will gladly recommend you.
- Ed Reshew, Parent, Simi Valley High School

My son Rory had great things to say about Catalyst's SAT Bootcamp. He said the instructor was terrific at conveying all of the key concepts and gave students some good insider tips.
- Patti Behr, Parent, Loyola High School

In working with Catalyst, my daughter Alexandra gained great insight to prepare for taking the SAT exam. The program gave Alexandra the confidence to go through each type of question and know how to properly come up with the correct answer. We appreciate the thoroughness of Catalyst's program and thank everyone for their commitment in helping my daughter.
- Susan Cooper, Parent, Immaculate Heart High School

We had done another SAT prep course through a local community college, and Chris felt the Catalyst course was much better. I have two more boys after Chris and can tell you we will use your course again. I hope you will continue offering the Boot Camp at CAMS. Thanks for setting it up as a PTSA fundraiser!
- Claire Hall, Parent, California Academy of Mathematics and Science

We selected Catalyst based on word-of-mouth and the advice of our guidance department at school. The instruction and personalized attention were just what we envisioned. We're very proud of Andrew and his accomplishment: a 33 on the ACT!
- Susan Petrovsky, Parent, Oaks Christian School

My daughter loved the Bootcamp. She came home and said it was "money well spent." She said the instructor was an amazing teacher who was smart and funny. She can't wait to retake her SAT's because she learned so much. Plus it was affordable. Thank you for setting this up.
- Margaret Blair, Parent, Oak Park High School

A few easy stress-free sessions with my Catalyst tutor helped me boost my already solid SAT score almost 100 points!
- Michael Callas, ASB President, Agoura High School

Catalyst provided the structure Zach needed and I liked how the materials were organized. They included me in the process -- my job was to quiz him on vocabulary -- and the personalities were great. The people at Catalyst are down-to-earth and genuine.
- Barbara Koretz, Parent, North Hollywood High School Highly Gifted Magnet

My daughter chose Prep With A Friend so she could have someone going through the same program to study with on the days the tutor wasn't there. I recommend it to anyone looking to cut expenses and still get the benefit of private, in-home tutoring.
- Cathy Stangland, Parent, Louisville High School

Tutoring with Catalyst was supportive, nurturing, and educational. We used Catalyst for both our sons, Jeremy and Jonathan, and they learned things that they didn't get in high school: how to study independently and organize their time. We feel our money was well-spent!
- Shelle Daniels, Parent, New Community Jewish High School

We used Catalyst for our son, Kyle, in preparing him for the ACT and had the pleasure of getting to know several tutors within the company. We were highly impressed by everyone working with Catalyst and my wife, Christy, and I very much admire Catalyst's dedication and enthusiasm. This company is a wonderful asset to the students at Oaks Christian.
- Jim Stanich, Parent, Oaks Christian School

I had a very good experience with your company! We tried 3 other companies over the last few years with our three children and Catalyst was the best. My son's score went up 300 points and he is now at UCLA!
- Susan Chodakiewitz, Parent, Shalhevet School

We didn't have much time to prepare for the SAT, so the Bootcamp really helped. Now I tell everyone not to waste their money and go straight to Catalyst. Our son is at Georgetown now!
- Allison Sugasawara, Parent, Viewpoint School

My son, Bryan, and many of his friends on Camarillo High's baseball team, have used Catalyst to study for the SAT and ACT. All of us agree: the tutoring is sensational.
- Brad Willson, Parent, Adolfo Camarillo High School

Thumbs up! The Bootcamp really did help a lot -- it was strenuous and entertaining at the same time. The essay stuff really helped -- I used the advice and got an 11 after getting an 8 before.
- Brittany Edelman, Student, Windward School

Thank you for all of your help! We're thrilled to report Danielle gained early acceptance to her first choice college, Pitzer. Our entire family is elated and so proud of her accomplishment. Catalyst was a huge help to Danielle during the test prep / college admissions process. Thank you for helping Danielle clarify and perfect her essay. Your essay writing and editing insights allowed Danielle to express her true voice and let the admissions committee know just how dedicated she was to attending Pitzer. The result speaks for itself. We're thrilled.
- Gayle Holmes, Parent, New Community Jewish High School

I am extremely pleased with the result of Catalyst's tutoring. My older son Andrew had about a 400 point increase in his score and currently my younger son Kyle is tutoring with Catalyst. We are very confident that we will see a similar result with Kyle as well due to Catalyst's support and ability to match the best tutor for each child.
- Arezoo Shayan Fiouzi, Parent, Calabasas High School

My son, Jeremy, used Catalyst Prep for the SAT and was very happy with the curriculum and instruction they provided. The instructor explained information thoroughly, focusing on Jeremy's area of weakness while also bolstering his strength. Most importantly, Catalyst was responsive and gave honest, reliable feedback, which as a parent is most appreciated.
- Eileen Shore, Parent, Palisades Charter High School

McAuley says the SAT Bootcamp answered a lot of her questions, and she knew how to approach the questions on the test. She found the class valuable.
- Marnie Cahill, Parent, Westlake High School

Catalyst was able to identify that our daughter had some issues regarding speed processing and suggested that she be evaluated for a learning difference. As a result, we found out she did in fact have a processing problem, and successfully applied for extra time. As a result of Catalyst's insight, our daughter raised her score from a 21 to a 30 on the ACT.
- Fran Lasker, Parent, The Archer School for Girls

Catalyst really helped my son to achieve a good ACT score. I know I'll choose them to help my younger son in the future.
- Kenny Cheung, Parent, Westlake High School

Catalyst taught me every nuance necessary for tackling the SAT. It impressed me how little was left out in the instruction and how hands-on my tutor was able to be. I was given every essential skill needed to get a high score.
- Sean Draper, Student, Calabasas High School

I would like to express once again how pleased I am with the direction that Catalyst has taken. Our son's SAT tutor is a perfect blend of experience, dedication and knowledge, combined with a personality that is approachable and easy going. Ben looks forward to and feels a sense of achievement with each session. In fact, he is so motivated from his recent experience with Catalyst, that his dedication, commitment and interest in doing his utmost best has increased exponentially. He is engaged, enlightened and enthusiastic about his college opportunities and realizes the impact and importance of his SAT scores in the admissions process. Thank you.
- Lori Bryan, Parent, Chaminade College Prep

Eric enjoyed his tutor, who was very professional and easy to work with.
- Gina Nye, Parent, Palisades Charter High School

Our son Spencer really benefited from Catalyst. His instructor was a great match for him and we chose Catalyst for our daughter as well. Both did the Bootcamp - our son actually told our daughter to do it - and it was a great final push before the SAT.
- Debra Goodman, Parent, Calabasas High School

Amazing news: Brian's reading score went way up! We're thrilled. Thanks for all your help!
- Susan Levy, Parent, Westlake High School

Catalyst displayed a remarkable level of commitment throughout the entire process. Once tutoring ends and all payments have been made, other companies don't even bother finding out how students did on the test. Catalyst's commitment did not end with the last tutoring session. They called to find out how my son did both on the day of the test, and the day he received his score.
- Lisa Balikian, Parent, Oaks Christian School

Our daughter Sarah had taken the SAT twice before, both times scoring in the mid-seventeen hundreds. She knew she could do better and called Catalyst to see if they could help. Help, they did! She went up to a 2020!
- Betsy Kelly, Parent, Agoura High School

My Catalyst tutor really cared about my progress. She never stopped motivating me to keep striving for a higher score.
- Evan Grossi, Student, Chaminade College Prep

The strongest word-of-mouth in Los Angeles. An extraordinary program, and the one I chose for my own son.
- Marcy Kullback, Parent, El Camino Real High School

Catalyst was a tremendous help to my daughter's success with her SAT score. Her score rose over 200 points, which can be directly attributable to the help she obtained from the program. The program is highly organized, professional and insightful. Catalyst's directors developed a specific strategy of how she could specifically improve in certain areas and what test dates would be most beneficial for her to take. This advice was extremely helpful because, as Catalyst had anticipated, the spring semester of her Junior year was stressful with AP exams, etc. My daughter's instructor analyzed every practice SAT Samantha took and ascertained her strengths and weaknesses from those tests, developing specific study tips to strengthen her weaknesses, especially in math.
- Katie Fiala, Parent, Oaks Christian School

Catalyst is absolutely fantastic. We had a wonderful experience. We felt comfortable with them immediately and his tutor was able to determine what he needed to work on. Jake got a 2120 on his first try and we owe his acceptance to UCSB -- his first choice -- to his SAT scores!
- Andrea Richard, Parent, Westlake High School

Catalyst taught our son how to take the SAT, which is exactly what he needed. He's at Johns Hopkins now and majoring in Biophysics. We recommend Catalyst wholeheartedly!
- Kathleen Rasmussen, Parent, Viewpoint School

My tutor and I clicked from the very first lesson, which made everything easier. Catalyst supported me every step along the way and helped me break 2000 on the SAT.
- Rhonda Kruschen, Student, Oak Park High School

My son really enjoyed the SAT Bootcamp. He learned a lot and liked the approach.
- Bonnie Kurfist, Parent, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

I would highly recommend Catalyst's Bootcamps! My daughter took your SAT and ACT Bootcamp and they helped her on both tests. She went up 200 points on the SAT and was very happy with her ACT score as well.
- Cindy Pollack, Parent, Westlake High School

My son found the bootcamp to be both educational and enjoyable. He told me that the instructors made the review almost painless by using humorous, modern-day examples (especially the use of excerpts from former President Bush's speeches to illustrate grammatical errors!) The teachers were engaging and made the whole experience rather fun. Thanks for providing a much-needed service!
- Marcy Stong, Parent, Rancho Buena Vista High School

We chose Catalyst to help our son Brian with all of his testing and throughout the entire college admissions process. Brian's tutor was a true mentor, guiding him through what is undeniably a very tricky process. We're happy to report Brian is headed to his first choice college.
- Steve Mosko, Parent, Viewpoint High School

I thought Catalyst offered a good program for my son and would recommend it. I also think the SAT bootcamps are a great idea and would use it for my younger kids.
- Laura Davies, Parent, Oaks Christian School

Because I was strong in math on my own, I didn't want to take a big SAT class where I would have to sit through concepts I already knew. I worked with Catalyst on the verbal parts of the SAT and got a much higher score on Reading and Writing than I ever thought possible.
- Alex Fard, Student, New Community Jewish High School

My daughter thought the SAT Bootcamp was really helpful. I was having trouble motivating her to do any prep, but she will definitely work with you if she has to take any of these tests again! Thanks for offering your Bootcamp at a convenient time and location, and for an affordable price.
- Nancy Zimbler, Parent, Palisades Charter High School

I thought the Calabasas High School Bootcamp was excellent. Very helpful!
- Lauren Balian, Student, Louisville High School

One of our daughter's goals was to be a National Merit Scholar. After researching the numerous test prep companies, we hired Catalyst because of their fantastic reputation during the summer of Katelyn's junior year. We were impressed with her tutor's professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile. Catalyst helped Katelyn master "her strategy" on every section of the exam, so she was able to walk into all the exams (PSAT and SAT) incredibly confident. We were so happy with her 290 point score increase! Katelyn did become a National Merit Scholar. We are grateful to Catalyst for helping her achieve this honor and get into the college of her choice. Thank you!
- Kristin Masket, Parent, Westlake High School

My daughter saw more than a 200 point increase from working with Catalyst's SAT Bootcamp. Her scores increased in all sections.
- B. Vizek, Parent, Broad Run High School

My son found the Bootcamp to be extremely helpful and he absolutely loved the instructor! Considering what his PSATs were - WOW - what an improvement!
- Teresa Leonforte, Parent, Archbishop Stepinac High School

My daughter said the ACT Bootcamp helped her tremendously! She took the exam and I am happy to report she got a 33 out of 36! Thank you! I am so happy I decided to sign her up for this.
- Amy Wertheimer, Parent, Westfield High School

Jack scored a 32 on his ACT this time around thanks to Catalyst, Kevin (his tutor) and Jack’s hard work! Jack has moved up a notch in his competitiveness for UCLA (his #1 choice)! Thanks again for working with us to get the perfect tutor for Jack. It made all the difference in the world!
- Denise, Parent, Westlake High School