Catalyst's SAT Bootcamp

Catalyst's SAT Bootcamp is a one-weekend workshop that arms students with go-to strategies for outsmarting the SAT.

Our Unique Guarantee

Catalyst's SAT Bootcamp is the only SAT prep class designed by instructors who have earned multiple perfect scores (1600) on the actual SAT. Catalyst is uniquely poised to help students succeed because we take the real SAT every time the test is offered to make sure our strategies are truly effective. Selected topics include how to:

  • Spot hidden clues that instantly reveal the main idea in long reading passages

  • Shortcut math questions that stump more than 90% of test-takers

  • Avoid the four sneakiest ways SAT grammar questions try to trick students

  • Compose a perfect-score essay - no matter what question the SAT asks

Catalyst's SAT Bootcamp is not a "mock" SAT or an infomercial for our services. Catalyst's SAT Bootcamp is a momentum-boosting weekend seminar designed to make sure students march into the SAT with every key strategy fresh in their mind. Students receive Catalyst's prep materials, self-study materials, diagnostic tests, and copies of essays that have earned perfect scores on actual SATs.

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