Catalyst's 171 Program

Every SAT consists of 171 questions. Whether students take the test in October, January, March, or any other time of year, they will always face 67 Critical Reading questions, 54 math questions, 49 grammar questions, and 1 essay question, all of which totals: 171.

Catalyst's 171 Program teaches students systematic techniques to tackle all 171 questions they are guaranteed to face on the day of the test. Because we take the actual SAT every time the test is offered, we have insider knowledge of the exam, and can teach students how to turn the SAT's remarkable predictability to their utmost advantage.  

Catalyst's 171 Program consists of 12 to 18 ninety-minute in-home tutoring lessons, depending on the academic goals of the student. Actual College Board diagnostic exams, exercises, and homework reinforce our strategies, building confidence and momentum in the weeks leading up to the test.


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