Think Inside The Box: Online Prep With An Expert Tutor

Way back in the twentieth century, when we Catalyst tutors were in high school, online communication was a mere fantasy, an invention so removed from reality that it only existed in the cartoon world of The Jetsons. Little did we know that in the year 2014, virtually all teenagers would have cell phones, and high school students would be more comfortable Tweeting, texting, IM'ing, and Skyping than, well, talking in person. At Catalyst, we've observed a rapidly increasing percentage of our students request online prep for the SAT and ACT. Online prep means you can choose any Catalyst guru, not just a tutor who lives close to your neighborhood. Our tutors are thoroughly trained in online education and can use Skype of Google Hangout to work with your student one-on-one via computer or tablet. Students receive all the benefits of Catalyst tutoring – our prep books, score-boosting lesson plans, and live expert instruction -- from the comfort and convenience of their computer or tablet. 


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