Five Math Questions Your Son Or Daughter Is Probably Not Going To See On The Sat

Oh, if only the SAT asked questions that actually had some relevance to everday life! Click on the answers you believe are correct, click "Score me!" on the bottom, and we'll tell you how you did!

  1. John made $153,000 this year as a software analyst for Globocom, a conglomerate that is planning to lay John off in six weeks and outsource his job to Bangladesh. Assuming John occasionally watches Suze Orman on CNBC, does not claim residency on the Cayman Islands, and has a CPA who doesn't get too creative with write-offs, approximately how much money does he owe the IRS?






  2. Mortimer made $19,730,618 this year as CEO of Globocom, a conglomerate that posted fourth-quarter losses of 3.2 billion dollars. Assuming Mortimer is on his third marriage, splits his time between Darien, CT, and Jupiter, FL, and does not have the same CPA as John, approximately how much money does he owe the IRS?






  3. Cheryl recently bought her twelve-year-old daughter Gabby an iPhone. Assuming Cheryl did not purchase an unlimited talk and text package because Gabby is her oldest child and she naively believes teenagers can't possibly talk that much, how much will Cheryl be paying each month for Gabby's cell phone bill?






  4. It's 1966. Little Timmy, whose last name may or may not be Geithner, is in kindergarten, presiding over the worst financial crisis to hit Room 109 since the milk n' cookies deficit preceding yesterday's nap time. Mikey, who was heavily involved in the peanut butter n' jelly default swaps that precipitated the current fiscal crisis, is demanding that Timmy dip into the classroom's snack shelf to bail him out. What should Little Timmy do?

    ABail Mikey out

    BTattle on Mikey to Mrs. Sherman

    CStick out his tongue and tell Mikey "Nuh-uh"

    DConvince a kindergarten class in China to buy up Mikey's bad debt

    EWet his pants

  5. Dave and Diane have a party to go to that starts at 7 p.m. Dave, being a member of the male species, begins getting ready at 6 pm, is completely showered and dressed by 6:03 pm, and already jingling the car keys and saying "C'mon, honey, let's go, your makeup looks fine" by 6:14 pm. Diane, being a member of the female species, knows these things don't really get going until 7:30 at the earliest, and has three possible outfits to try on, examining Possible Party Outfit #1 in the mirror at 6:58 pm. What time will Dave and Diane actually depart for the party?

    A7:51 pm

    B8:02 pm

    C8:43 pm

    D9:12 pm

    E11:17 pm

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