Hello, and welcome to Catalyst's bookstore! Sorry, we don't sell frappuccinos yet, but check back in the near future – Starbucks' marketing people are very resourceful!

Let's pretend for a moment that, instead of being in our online bookstore, you happen to be in an actual bookstore, one of those giant "big box" stores that do sell frappuccinos. As you make your way past the aisles of self-help and diet books heralding the decline of literature and enter the store's test prep section, you will come face-to-face with hundreds of books with titles like Demolishing the SAT! and 20 Practice Tests Guaranteed To Ruin Your Son or Daughter's Entire Summer Vacation.

Now, generally speaking, we at Catalyst do not like to mudsling the work of other companies, but in the interest of being completely honest, not to mention saving your teenage offspring hours upon hours of agony, we feel compelled to tell you that most of these books are, in a word, awful.

Well, maybe awful is a little harsh. But at absolute best, these books are mediocre. They're not written by people who repeatedly take the actual SAT, they're exceedingly boring, and they only sell for the same reason the Olive Garden does well: because they're there. (Catalyst's in-house counsel would like us to point out we are not implying anything even remotely negative about the good, litigious people of Olive Garden or its parent company, Darden Restaurants, Inc.)

To combat S.P.P. (SAT Prep Phobia), we present two books for your online consumption:

Book cover of The Naked Truth Book cover of TiVocabulary

Click on either book to learn more or place an order.