Reading Between The Lines!

Spotting the Hidden Clues That Immediately Reveal the Main Idea in Long Critical Reading Passages

The SAT is a notoriously long, exhausting test and perhaps no component is more fatiguing than the Critical Reading passages, many of which explore fascinating topics like the mating habits of sea algae. How can students absorb all the information they need without running out of time or having to chug an energy soda before the test?

By taking the SAT over and over again, we've discovered there are a few simple strategies students can use to quickly uncover a passage's main idea. The SAT laces little clues into its Critical Reading passages, and if you know how to spot them, you can get the gist of a passage rather easily and quickly. Our special two-lesson course uses actual SAT passages to teach students how to recognize hidden clues that instantly reveal the main idea in long Critical Reading passages


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